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nina_bird's Journal

19 October
36-24-36, african violets, alfred hitchcock, american indians, art, beat generation, bell book and candle, bicycling, bill ward, birch trees, birds, black cats, bombshells, bryan ferry, bullet bras, butterfield 8, butterfield 9, buzzcocks, cats, cheese, coffee, colors, comic art, comic novels, drawing, early alternative music, early hardcore, early lettuce, elizabeth taylor, elvis, erotic art, erotic photgraphy, faces, fish nets, fredrick's of hollywood, free spirits, free thinkers, ganesh, gardening, garter belts, garters, great lips, grey cats, gypsys, hedge witches, heywood wakefield, high heels, hipsters, hot chicks, indian food, james audubon, kim novack, kitchen witches, knitting, laced up boots, lenny bruce, leopard, makeup, marc chagall, marc lacey. juxtapoz, mary blair, max beckman, montgomery cliff, montreal, morcheeba, music, music scene, new york, nick drake, northampton, noses, off the grid, old black cats, old souls, orchids, painting, perfect noses, photography, plants, pointy shoes, portishead, pulp novels, red lipstick, red wine, retro fashion, retro lingerie, rocks, romany, rule breakers, sexy men, sexy outfits, sexy women, sheep, sheer panties, skeltons, slaves, spinning wool, square shoes, stockings, subs, the birds, thievery corporation, this bird flies backwards, vintage 50's furniture, vintage clothing, vintage fredrick's of hollywood, vintage glasses, vintage lighting, vintage lingerie, vintage mens fashion, vintage mens magazines, vintage pin ups, webcams, wigs